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by Joe Thompson

FR--LaonLaon POMAPOMA 2000?1989presentThree stations. 28 mph.
FR--ParisCharles De Gaulle International AirportSoulé?1996presentTwo lines. 20 mph.
USCALos Angeles Getty Center ShuttleOtis Hovair?1997presentTwo stations. Rides on air cushion. 4 mph (?).
USNVLas VegasMandalay Bay TramDCC Cable Liner?1999presentTwo parallel, independant lines. One is express, one has an intermediate station. 22.4 mph.

Automated people movers (APMs) are automated, driverless vehicles which operate singly or in trains on steel or concrete guideways. Motive power for APMs include electric traction, linear induction, and cable traction. In this article, I will discuss some successful cable-driven APMs, and describe how they differ from Hallidie-type cable systems.

Charles De Gaulle (CDG) International Airport in Paris, France, has a Soulé SK system with two lines. Lines 1 opened in 1996 and and Line 2 opened in 1997. Line 1 is 3,500 meters long and has five stations Line 2 is 800 meters long and has three stations.

The SK system uses series of 30-passenger cars which are pulled by an endless cable which continuously moves at 20 mph. The cars never stop moving, but when they enter a station,they automatically ungrip from the cable. They move along the boarding platform at a very low speed so passengers can board and alight. Automatic turntables at each terminus allow cars to reverse direction.

Automated People Mover Applications: A Worldwide Review

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