2007 Cable Car Division Senior Luncheon - 20-December-2007

by Joe Thompson

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Senior luncheon poster Val Lupiz designed this poster to advertise the 2007 Cable Car Division Senior Luncheon.

The people of the San Francisco Municipal Railway's Cable Car Division host a holiday luncheon for senior citizens every year. The 2007 luncheon was the 27th. This was the first one I was able to attend. I had a ball.

In the beginning, the division held the luncheon in the recreation center across the street from the car barn. Later, they started holding it in hotels. In recent years, it has been held in the new Argonaut Hotel, in the Haslett Warehouse, next to the Cannery.

On 20-December-2007, they served lunch to over 150 senior citizens. Co-chairmen Val Lupiz and Ken Foster did a great job. The festivities were hosted by Debi Durst. Honored guests included the Superintendent of the Cable Car Division, Brendan Scanlan, Miss Cable Car 1973, Barbara Davies Walsh, and members of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Senior Senior citizens enjoying their meals. Photo by Joe Thompson.

Everyone enjoyed the music, played by the Aaron Cohen quartet. The members of the band were Aaron Cohen, saxophone, Ralph Probst, guitar, Steve Fowles, bass, and Steve LaPorta, drums. They played mostly jazz. I especially enjoyed the Duke Ellington numbers.

Leonard Oats/Aaron Cohen Leonard Oats, 2007 Bell Ringing Champion gives an exhibition with the band, led by saxophonist Aaron Cohen. Drummer Steve LaPorta is visible in the background. Photo by Val Lupiz.

I was lucky to sit at lunch with Barbara Davies Walsh, Miss Cable Car 1973. She wore her tiara and sash, and brought the key to the city that Mayor Joe Alioto had presented to her. Most of the people at the luncheon had never before seen a key to the city, which is modelled on the key to Mission Dolores. Barbara spoke about her happy experiences as Miss Cable Car.

Miss Cable Car/Val Lupiz Miss Cable Car 1973, Barbara Walsh, with co-chairman Val Lupiz. Barbara holds her key to the city. Photo by Joe Thompson.

Miss Cable Car/Ken Foster Barbara Walsh, with co-chairman Ken Foster. Photo by Joe Thompson.

Miss Cable Car/Brendan Scanlan Barbara Walsh, with Superintendent of the Cable Car Division, Brendan Scanlan. Photo by Val Lupiz.

Charles Haletky/Val Lupiz Gripmen Charles Haletky and Val Lupiz. Charles said he had never been mentioned on this website. Now he has ;0). Photo by Joe Thompson.

Cable Car People Leonard Oats, Val Lupiz, Brendan Scanlan, and Ken Foster. Photo from Val Lupiz.

After the luncheon, Val Lupiz offerred me a ride back to the car barn on motorized Jones Street Shuttle car 62. Gripman Tony Marquardt drove us up Hyde, over on Bay to Columbus, and up Columbus to Mason. I was fascinated to see that we entered the barn by going up Pacific Avenue and over on Auburn Street, a narrow alley which points directly at the barn entrance. After a pause at the barn, we continued down Washington to Powell and out Powell to Ellis. Some people tried to board the car at stops.

62 Val Lupiz took this photo of motorized Jones Street Shuttle car 62 at Mason and Green on 20-December-2007. Photo by Val Lupiz.

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