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Seattle Ferryboat Ride

We visited Seattle in July 2010 and took a ride on a Seattle ferryboat.

Articles from the Southern Pacific Bulletin

Bridging the Bay With Our Ferries: an article by Superintendent Charles F. Heath from the March, 1921 Southern Pacific Bulletin, talks about the history of San Francisco Bay ferry operations and particularly Central/Southern Pacific operations.

New Article: How the Southern Pacific Maintains (the) World's Cleanest Ferry Boats: an article by the California State Board of Health from the March, 1921 Southern Pacific Bulletin which described how the SP maintained its boats.

New Book: Ferries of San Francisco Bay
Paul Trimble (with William Knorp) has published a new book, Ferries of San Francisco Bay. I enjoyed it very much.
New Book: The Key System: San Francisco and the Eastshore Empire
Walter Rice and Emiliano Echeverria have published an enjoyable new book, The Key System: San Francisco and the Eastshore Empire. The book covers the Key's rail and marine operations.
New Book: Ferries of Puget Sound
Steven J Pickens has published an excellent new book, Ferries of Puget Sound. Topics include former San Francisco ferries.
New Ferry Discussion Group
Please consider joining WestCoastFerryboats, a lively discussion group about ferries, riverboats, and other water transit along the Pacific Coast.

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News/Links/Bibliography/What's New

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